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OD体育手机版_Facebook又爆惊天黑科技 用脑电波就能打字

本文摘要:Facebook Inc.’s research unit Building 8 is working to make it possible for people to type using signals from their brains.脸书公司的研究机构Building 8于是以希望使人们用脑电波就能点字。


Facebook Inc.’s research unit Building 8 is working to make it possible for people to type using signals from their brains.脸书公司的研究机构Building 8于是以希望使人们用脑电波就能点字。Regina Dugan, hired from Alphabet Inc. last year to oversee the lab, said that within “a few years’ time” Facebook aims to develop a system that can type at 100 words per minute, just from monitoring the brain, without using any kind of implant. The company is working with outside academics on the issue now.去年脸书公司从Alphabet公司(谷歌重组后的“伞形公司”)聘用了雷吉娜·杜根来管理该实验室,杜根回应,脸书想在“几年内”研发一个系统,该系统不必须任何植入,只通过监测大脑(信号)就能在每分钟内打100个字。

目前该公司于是以与外部院校合作解决问题这个问题。This would give “the ability to text a friend without taking out your phone,” Dugan said Wednesday at the social network operator’s F8 developer conference. The lab also is working on a way for people to hear through their skin.这将不会彰显你“不必拿走手机就能给朋友发短信的能力,”星期三杜根在社交媒体经营者参予的F8开发者大会上说。


该实验室也在研究一种使人们通过皮肤来接管信息的方式。“One day, not so far away, it may be possible for me to think in Mandarin and for you to feel it instantly in Spanish,” Dugan said.“有朝一日,我或许可以用中文思维,而你可以用西班牙语立即了解到(我的点子),而这一天会太远,”杜根说。

Far-fetched as it may sound, Dugan said researchers have already found it possible to use brain waves for typing at eight words per minute.这听得上去或许牵强附会,但杜根回应研究人员早已找到,用脑电波每分钟打八个字是有可能的。It’s one of many Facebook initiatives for the very long term. For its more near-term goal of making videos and images more immersive, Facebook unveiled a design for two new three-dimensional cameras. The cameras will be given to some filmmakers and partners to help create more 3-D video content.这是脸书公司众多长年创意议案之一。而其短期目标是使视频和图像更加白鱼真化,脸书公司也首次展出了两款新的三维照相机的设计。


该照相机将获取给一些电影制作人及合作方以助其创作更好3D视频内容。For Facebook, the research connects to its overall goals because it relates to improving people’s social experiences, Dugan said. It could also make it possible for those who are deaf or otherwise disabled to communicate more easily.对脸书公司而言,这项研究融合了其综合目标,因为它与提升人们的社交体验有关,杜根说。




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